The school of Water grants spells that cause damage from ice shards or a supernaturally intense cold, as well as magic to slow targets.




Water Magic Skills
Icon Skill Level Cost Effect
Icon Durable Spells Water Magic Durable Spells Water Magic 25 250 gp Increases the duration of Water Magic spells.
Icon Mana Efficiency Water Magic Mana Efficiency Water Magic 50 500 gp Decreases the Mana spent to cast Water Magic spells.
Icon Quicken Spells Water Magic Quicken Spells Water Magic 75 1000 gp Decreases the casting time of Water Magic spells.
Icon Intensify Water Magic Intensify Water Magic 100 1000 gp Increases the magnitude of Water Magic spells.

Water Magic Spells
Icon Spell Skill Cost Reagent Reagent Effect
Icicle Icicle 1 350 gp 2 Nacre Launches a missile inflicting Cold damage on its target.
Gills Gills 1 350 gp 2 Mandrake Increases the duratin in which the caster may swim underwater without drowning.
Delayed Shot Delayed Shot 1 350 gp 1 Resin Launches a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's attack speed with ranged weapons.
Weakening Chill Weakening Chill 10 400 gp 1 Nacre Fires a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's cold protection.
Frostbite Frostbite 20 400 gp 1 Nacre 1 Ash Fires a ray of intense Cold damaging everyting in its path.
Cold Shield Cold Shield 25 400 gp 1 Mandrake 1 Sulfur Gives the caster increased protection against Cold.
Cold Ward Cold Ward 30 450 gp 1 Sulfur Aim at a target to grant protection against Cold.
Water Breathing Water Breathing 40 450 gp ?? Aim at a target to increase its lung capacity.
Shards Shards 50 450 gp ?? Launches a projectile that explodes upon impact causing Cold damage.
Slow Slow 60 500 gp ?? Fires a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's attack speed when using melee weapons.
Clear Thoughts Clear Thoughts 70 500 gp ?? Grants an Intelligence bonus to the caster.
Ice Storm Ice Storm 75 500 gp ?? Fires a magical ray which summons a storm of intense Cold upon hitting its target.
Toxic Rain Toxic Rain 90 700 gp ?? Fires a ray that conjures forth a magical rainstorm dealing Poison damage.
Blizzard Blizzard 100 700 gp ?? Launches a missile that explodes upon impact causing Cold damage.

Other InformationEdit

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