Trolls are tall but also quite skinny, even though they have surprising high amount of strength. The Trolls are very fast runners and can run for days without getting tired.

A fighting Troll never stops until its target lies still. Trolls are ripping, biting and tearing their prety until its dead. Trolls rarely run away and know no fear. <-- What retard wrote this?

A valuable source for bone, sulfur, and other low quality goods, Trolls are often farmed by newbie and veteran alike.



Bare Hands (Bludgeoning damage)





Hitpoints: 85

No special resistances.


Impale is their strongest spell and they hit often with it because it is instant. Try not to get too many trolls around you because if everyone casts 1 Impale on you you have a problem.

Try to separate them and use obstacles to hide and finish them one at a time.


Skins forEdit

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