Finishing certain quests earns you a title in addition to the standard quest reward. Each title grants a bonus to one of the base attributes: Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Quickness, Intelligence or Wisdom. Only one title may be active at a time. You can change titles as many times as you want, but only once per day. Title quests can be obtained at your own racial Capital city.

Quest Name
Obtained From
Bonus Stat
The Limber CouncilorKill 200 Skeleton Archers and 20 DeadeyesDexterity +2
The Agile Councilor
10 Lizardmen 100 CentaursDexterity +4
The Dextrous Councilor 50 RaptorsDexterity +6
The CleverMageKill 200 Zombies and 100 Zombie Warriors and 20 dire zombiesIntelligence +2
The Sharp Mage
Kill 100 ElementalsIntelligence +4

Kill 10 Black Knights, 10 Crypt Guards, 10 Gravelords, 10 Deathless Mages.Intelligence +6
The BrawnyFighterKill 200 Goblin Scouts, 200 Goblin Fighters and 20 Goblin ShamanStrength +2
The Muscular
FighterKill 300 Trolls and 10 Troll LordsStrength +4
The StrongFighterKill 200 Hobgoblins and 10 GolemsStrength +6
The ThoughtfulBlacksmithGather 200 Ore, 300 Stone, 300 Timber and 200 FishWisdom +2
The KnowledgeableBlacksmith
200 Wood, 100 Iron Ingots, 200 Cooked ItemsWisdom +4
The WiseBlacksmith
2000 Arrows, 50 Chain Items, 50 RapiersWisdom +6
The QuickMerchantKill 200 AkatharsQuickness +2
The Fleet
Kill 100 Windlords
Quickness +4
The Swift
Kill 50 Raven Standart Hobgoblins
Quickness +6
The StoutArcanistKill 200 Kobold Scroungers, 200 Kobold Scrappers and 20 Kobold RaidersVitality +2
The Hardy
ArcanistKill 300 Skeletons (any regular), 10 Bone Knights and 10 Giant Skeletons.Vitality +4
The Tough
ArcanistKill 200 Revenants and 10 OaklordsVitality +6

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