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Tailoring is used for creating clothing, including robes and hoods - as well as the non-metal armours Cloth, Leather, Studded and Bone. Stand near a workbench with Needle and Thread and press the Use button to start crafting.

Learn from a merchant for 200gp, and acquire the crafting tool Needle and Thread for 20gp.

Craftable Items with Tailoring

Armor Cloth Requires 1 Tailoring

Armor Padded Requires 25 Tailoring

Armor Leather Requires 50 Tailoring

Armor Studded Requires 75 Tailoring

Armor Bone Requires 100 Tailoring


  • Assassin's Hood 75 Tailoring
  • Extravagant Hood 100 Tailoring
  • Fancy Shoes 1 Tailoring
  • Fine Hood 50 Tailoring
  • Fine Pants 1 Tailoring
  • Fine Shirt 1 Tailoring
  • Hood 25 Tailoring
  • Extravigant Robe 100 Tailoring
  • Fine Robes 50 Tailoring
  • Simple Robes 1 Tailoring
  • Shoes 1 Tailoring
  • Simple Pants 1 Tailoring
  • Simple Shirt 1 Tailoring


  • Bag 25 Tailoring
  • Blue Bag 50 Tailoring
  • Blue Sack 25 Tailoring
  • Green Bag 50 Tailoring
  • Green Sack 25 Tailoring
  • Red Bag 50 Tailoring
  • Red Sack 25 Tailoring

Sack 1 Tailoring

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