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"Starter quests" are the set of various quests available to new players of each race in their respective (starter) cities. Most involve hunting and looting goblins.


Note: Axes are often carried by Goblin fighters and occasionally Goblin scouts.
1 File:Armor Icon Chain Shirt.jpg Chain Shirt
1 File:Armor Icon Cloth Pants.jpg Cloth Pants
30 Gold

60 Gold


1 Item Icon Sack Sack
1 File:Item Icon Stamina Potion.jpg Stamina Potion
10 Gold

=====Enter the rest of the (starter) quests below. And some crafting items. And set of armor with a few weapons.

Here’s more of the starter quest. I forget the rewards..Gold from all these quest average about 750

and you get one of every harvest item. And some crafting items. And set of armor with a few weapons.

Counselor: sends you to the other Npc for quests and gives you gold for doing so

Arcanist:Gather 5 mandrakes “from harvesting bushes.

Gather 5 resins “from cutting trees”

Gather 5 sulfur“from mining rocks or metal rocks.

Merchant: Gather 4 leather “from goblins scouts’ fastest way”

Deliver a note to NPC “ travel”

Cook a type of fish. “Go fish in water. You have to be in the water and look down zoom in a bit, use oven to cook with the pot you got from past quest” Gather meat from skinning animals 4 first time then 12 repeatable quests after

Counselor:Gather 5 bows and 20 arrows turn in to the Fighter trainer

Fighter: Go hit goblins with 20 arrows

Counselor: Go hit goblins with 20 mana shots

Collect 4 goblin teeth from skinning them

TIP: while collecting the items collect 3 times the amount needed. As you can redo the starter quests in all three starter towns. Netting you close to 2000+ gold. 3 sets of armor weapons and harvesting items. Plus nice skill ups while do these. Enjoy, Validate.

For further quests see: Title Quests

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