Fueled by venom coursing through their veins, Sarlids are strange humanoids that attack with lunatic ferocity, repeatedly stabbing their enemies with poison-laced, stinger-shaped twin lances.

Society and behaviorEdit

Sarlids form symbiotic relationships with Giant Spider colonies, which they defend and tend like shepherds in return for regular injections of venom. Sarlids seem to need venom to live, and if deprived of a sting for too long, they will first descend into the unpredictability and madness of withdrawal, then die.

Unlike the spiders they tend, sarlids are capable of teamwork and the planning and execution of elementary strategies. Intimately familiar with the strengths, weaknesses and behavior patterns of their spiders, sarlids plan the colony's defense with these factors in mind.


Wherever large colonies of giant spiders are found, sarlids may be found living among them. They seem to thrive in warm and humid climes, however, and are populous on Yssam and in the volcanic coastal regions of Morak.

Original SourceEdit

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