Rend is a small AoE. It debuffs piercing resistance and does a small amount of bleeding damage (both HP and Stamina).

Skill details
Magic type: Greater Magic
Profession: None
Attribute: Greater Magic
Type: Debuff
Cost: 200 gold
Required reagents:
1 Icon Bone Bone
Casting info:    
18.66 Mana 2 Activation 20 Recharge

Full: Small AoE. Debuffs piercing resistance and does small amount of bleeding damage (both HP and Stamina).

Concise: Debuff target's piercing resistance and causes bleeding

Requirements: 1.0 GM

Greater Magic 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100
+Damage 11.351. 5.25.555.
+Duration 2020.2520.520.752121.2521.521.752222.2522.522.75 2323.2523.523.752424.2524.524.7537.5
-Piercing resistance

  • Range: Long
  • Projectile speed: Medium
  • AoE: Medium

Shoots a projectile that looks like a crimson sererated ball with a twisting tail. When it lands it changes to a crimson blood blob and almost instantly vanishes. This spell has a unique low hum when compared to other LM spells I have cast.

Hits for at current skill of 10.0 or so, about 2-3 dmg from back (low rank staff) per tick and .8-1 stamina per tick bleed dmg (which neither work on undead btw). It ticks 8-10 times.

This may sound like a decent amount of dmg but natural regen combined with the DOT duration for full effect combined with the spell cooldown make it had to overcome an enemy at this low of skill rank exclusively.

The spell reduces piercing resistances by -1.0 per cast and is a stacking debuff. (Second buff stacks at max of -.3 additional penalty or its a reducing effect) Visual around caster is a red/pink misty cloud swirl surround them, smiliar to heal self but with a low pitch hum noise while charging up.

(info obtained from: DarkFall forums)

  • edit me: needs proper values

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