A Human with a Warhorse.


Dwarf riding a Garmir. (Left)


A Mirdain with her Aerdin Cat.


A female Human riding an Orkish Death Pig.


An Alfar riding a Shulgan Drake.

Darkfall's basic racial mounts are widely available, and can be purchased from NPC merchants. Each race in the game has its own mount which will be sold in that particular race's shops. However, these mounts may be stolen and ridden by other races. There are several interesting mount variations for each racial mount type.

Racial MountsEdit

All races with the exception of the Mahirim have a racial mount.


Main article: Warhorse Warhorses are the mounts of Humans. They seem to look like normal horses, but some may be armoured.


Main article: Garmir Garmirs are the Dwarven mount. They look like some sort of mountain goat.

Aerdin CatEdit

Main article: Aerdin Cat Aerdin Cats are the elegant mounts of the Mirdain. They appear similar to sabre-tooth tigers.

Death PigEdit

Main article: Death Pig Death Pigs are the mount of the Orks.

Shulgan DrakeEdit

Main article: Shulgan Drake Shulgan Drakes are the mounts of the Alfar.

Tribeland BearEdit

Main article: Tribeland Bear Tribeland Bears are the mounts of the Mahirim.

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