Since Darkfall has started, there has been many developer interviews.

Interviews from 2001Edit

Only 2 of these, since the Darkfall Online project had just started.

Interviews from 2002Edit

This year had more interviews, some of them still introduce the basic aspects and ideas of the game, while some tell us more about specific features.

Interviews from 2003Edit

They talk about the reasons they moved their offices to Greece and about some features of the game. The possibility of 1 world running 10 000 people at the same time is also discussed.

Interviews from 2004Edit

This was one of the poorest year in terms of keeping the community up to date with the game (even though the new official darkfall site was opened).

Interviews from 2005Edit

Even though it had very few interviews. by the end of the year they had some updates running and they opened clan beta registrations.

Interviews and reviews from 2006Edit

This was Darkfall's best year. Alot of regular updates and E3 reviews (they didn't have a boot though).

Here are some reviews from 2006 as well.

Interviews and articles from 2007Edit

This year has started exceptionally well for the darkfall fans because of the new gameplay video. A developer journal with a biweekly update, written by Tasos, has started on WarCry, too. Here are some of them:

Interviews and articles from 2009Edit