Hobgoblins, colloquially referred to as Hoblins, fight with determination and fearlessness, their ranks neither breaking nor wavering until the last warrior falls. The battlefield is both their temple and their home, and to a hobgoblin, the only thing that holds greater glory than victory, is a memorable death in combat.

Ecology and behaviorEdit

True children of the war gods, hobgoblins are born to drill, march, fight and die. Instead of tribes or clans, their societies are organized into permanently mobilized armies called Standards (The Raven Standard, the Wolf Standard, and so on) that wander Agon in search of war and plunder. The only settlements built by hobgoblin Standards are fortified camps which they are ready to abandon within hours should the right opportunity present itself.


Whenever war breaks out between two races; whenever a demonic crusade is embarked upon; whenever a nation descends into civil war, hobgoblin Standards gravitate towards the action, offering their swords to the highest bidder. As mercenaries, hobgoblins have fought in literally thousands of wars through the centuries, and they have made themselves indispensable to many a dark lord and unscrupulous conqueror.

If the hobgoblins ever had a homeland, its name and location has long since been lost. They are a rootless, vagabond people, whose lives are spent in anticipation of the next opportunity for reaping the twin rewards of gold and glory.

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