Alignment is a statistic that measures how good or evil your character is. NPCs will enforce a system that makes random killing of players more difficult. Killing a player of your own race or of an aligned race, except during a declared war, will lower your alignment. Alignment can range from -100 (ultimate evil) to +10 (paragon of good). Players with an alignment score that is below a certain level (0) will not be allowed to trade with or accept quests from all NPCs. Alignment can be raised by killing players of opposing races, or players of the same or aligned race who have an evil alignment.

Alignment increases by 1 point when killing a non-allied race. Alignment decreases by 8 when incapacitating an allied race and 4 when ganking the target, resulting in 12 total alignment lost.

The 1 point gain and +10 cap are the result of recent patches to help combat the disregard for the alignment system.